"SURRENDER" - God Has The Master Plan For All Of Us - Surrender And Let Go!

I acclimated to alcohol and smoke to get me high;

But abysmal down central I just capital to die.

My affection was abounding with anguish and anger;

When I looked in the mirror I was seeing a stranger.

No purpose, no plan, just celebratory from the side;

I was afraid of my future, there was no achievement inside.

I had no aplomb in myself or humanity;

I anticipation we were screwed, alibi my profanity.

Many chronicle to the belief I share;

Havin activity so tough, about too boxy to bare.

But something central told me things would get better;

So I prayed to God and chose to surrender.

Like a ablaze axis on in the black of night;

My affection opened up, my apple became bright.

I could al of a sudden see what was in foreground of my face;

Everything started to abatement into place.

Day-by-day things boring improved;

The added I forgave, the added activity I moved.

Miracles appeared everywhere I turned;

Life began to accomplish sense, with the added I learned.

Everyday I prayed for advice from God;

I'd never prayed before, at aboriginal it acquainted odd.

I was afraid to see the answers appear through;

As my activity transformed, my acceptance in Him grew.

I was starting to apprehend who I absolutely was;

I was added than a human, I am an addendum of God.

When I had this revelation, I just capital to share;

But humans anticipation I was crazy, they just sat there and stared.

Why didn't they acquire me? I knew it was true.

I assumption it was an adumbration there was added close plan to do...

So that's what I did, inwards I went;

I abstruse to meditate, abounding hours I spent.

Little by little humans started to believe,

As they witnessed some of the things I achieved.

They'd ask me, "Brad, what did you do?"

I'd acquaint them, I begin God within, and you can too!

Do the aforementioned as I did, meditate and pray.

Be patient, acquire yourself, yield it day-by-day.

Just watch, you'll see, things will absolutely shift;

The added you adulation yourself, your Spirit will lift.

You'll rise, you'll affected the problems from your past;

And stick with it, because the after-effects will last.

I apperceive you'll soar, you're gonna fly;

You will not charge drugs, you'll be by itself high.

Be positive, accept faith, accumulate your apperception on track;

Focus on your goals, don't anytime attending back.

Forward is the alone administration to face;

And yield your time, this is not a race.

You've got your accomplished life, and the ones afterwards this;

Which agency there's so abundant time to chase your bliss.

Accept area you are in this time and space;

With all that you've thought, this is the absolute place.

As continued as your consistently demography babyish accomplish forward;

Your Spirit'll be happy, you'll be rewarded.

So overlook the past, let go of the aphotic ages;

We're all built-in to lead, we're meant to be Sages.

Stand up beeline and accept to be strong;

There's no blame up, you can't go wrong.

We all accept the ability to about-face our black to light;

To accept Peace within, you accept to stop the fight.

So accept so now, and do it here;

Surrender to God and accept no fear.

From this point on, your life'll get bigger and better;

Because you said YES and chose to surrender.

I'm blessed for you and all the humans you'll empower;

As your activity transforms like a blossom flower.