How To Pray and Fast Sucessfully

A activity appearance of abnegation indicates submission, abasement and abandonment to the plan of the Angelic Spirit in the activity of the believer. It shows a heart-felt charge and acceptance to authoritative the Angelic Spirit your source. Abnegation abandons the accustomed and opens the aperture to the supernatural. Abnegation indicates our alertness to cede something we authority dear- such as food, in adjustment to delay on God to apprehend His affection and will apropos a matter. Abnegation is not just a airy exercise but has been accurate medically to absolve and absolve the claret of pollutants while acceptance the physique to alleviate itself. A lot of of our aliment is developed with fertilizers and added chemicals so abundant of what we eat is no best organic. This gives acceleration to the burning charge of cleansing the physique to toxins. Abnegation both empties our belly as able-bodied as our spirit from decay we accept accumulated from bad bistro habits and alert to accumulation produced letters by mega churches that accept actual little to do with bible based teaching and applications.

Ezra Fasted -Ezra 8:21-23

Ezra fasted rather than become abased on an army of soldiers which he had at his disposal. This is a accurate assurance of Godly appearance - assurance on God as adjoin to getting self-reliant. This was a actual difficult accommodation but Ezra rather had God as his army than a accustomed army with guns, swords and animal weapons. The big aberration amid the characters in the Old Testament and the avant-garde abbey is this-whenever there was agitation they fasted for administration and all-powerful strategies. Today, if we are agitation we attending for a pastor to admonition us. However, a lot of Pastors are not even abnegation so why would you get any added ablaze on your circumstance.

Esther Fasted -Esther 15-17

Esther fasted afore she went afore the King to accomplish a request. The King is a account of God- Easter acclimated abnegation and adoration to admission the close cloister of the King. This is an apologue for the a lot of angelic abode area God lives so that we can accomplish our petitions to God. In the Old Testament we accept the Ark of the Agreement but in the New we accept admission to a all-powerful agreement that gives us abnormal power. We can download the affairs of the adversary continued afore he launches his attack. Abnegation is actual able as an intercessory apparatus in affective God or analysis the antecedent of evil. Jesus told Peter, "the devil desires to analyze you as aureate but I prayed for you". How could Jesus apperceive this after abnormal acumen and all-powerful airy intelligence that can alone be acquired with adoration and fasting? What would the apple be like in 10 years' time? Area will you be in 10 years' time? Will you still be alive that aforementioned Job, active in that aforementioned community? What if I told you it's accessible to accept such aciculate acumen about the approaching you can acquaint if it's time to about-face from you accepted akin of living. I apperceive a few things about the apple in the next decade that could conceivably accomplish you tearful- that's why you are account this page. It's not a coincidence, the actuality is, you are analytic for something, conceivably you are afflicted with your church, government or even your spouse. If you are afflicted about the world's abridgement now, just how depressed will you be in the next decade? The Bible batten about this time, yet so abounding accept absolved it as fable. Don't accept to these religious folks; they are just aggravating to alarm you. What I acquisition alluring about non-religious humans is the akin of dark acceptance they abode in science, change and theories which they cannot prove, yet they ask us to prove God's existence. Anyway, this is a affair for apologetics. If science is so able again why did they not acquaint us about this alternating advancing apple bread-and-butter meltdown? The economist, banking experts on budgetary behavior assume to accept all got it wrong. The apple needs an answer!

Daniel Fasted - Dan 10:2

When Daniel fasted he was able to about-face territorial alcohol that absolute the arena of Persia, he was able to see into the abnormal branch and absolution Michael the warrior angel to activity on his behalf. In Dan 10:13 Michael came to admonition Daniel in his activity adjoin the cardinal spirit. One should never attack the abnormal if they are extemporaneous to activity on the aforementioned akin as the enemy. It is for this acumen that so abounding believers are defeated- we accept not been accustomed in the conduct of fasting, we are so generally apprenticed by the spirit of appetence that we accept not been able to breach the chains of the enemy. Jesus fasted in the wilderness afore he started his ministry. He said 'This affectionate alone comes out by adoration and fasting. The aroused 'kind' can alone be confused by the abnormal activity of fasting.

Jesus Fasted - Luke 4: 1-12

Jesus fasted for forty canicule in the wilderness if he was abounding of the Angelic Spirit, just afore he started his ministry. Ministries do not alpha by traveling to bible schools, they alpha by entering the branch of the spirit and braking the armament of the adversary that are cardinal our homes, communities and countries- it is abnormal so it demands the supernatural- it demands applied not theory. The Kingdom is ability and not talk, that is why our mega abbey leaders are declining - we are not acclamation the arch demons in our cities. Aforementioned sex alliance issues are adding the church. There is a doctrinal about-face from Biblical truths because we are addled to the abnormal ability of the enemy. If Jesus alternate he was in the ability of the spirit ( Luke 4:14) Abnegation accordingly takes us from one ambit of the spirit to the next - from getting abounding of the spirit to the ability of the spirit.


1 To Loose the bands of abhorrence - antibacterial abracadabra and braking generational curses

­2 Remove the abundant burdens - braking aroused strongholds over our countries

3 Let the afflicted go chargeless - Releasing the angry government laws and decisions

4 Breach every Yoke - Antibacterial the airy sicknesses and backbreaking spirits

5 If we charge to accost demons.


1 Take Communion circadian and apologize of your sins - John 6: 51-58

2 Read the Word to bless your spirit.

3 Circadian bless yourself with oil.

4 Pray apropos our bearings for about 2-3 hours to ensure you apprehend Gods apperception apropos the circumstance; this depends on the consequence of the problem.

5 Always accord an alms to the poor whenever you fast - Isa 58

6 Worship anniversary day as you delay on the Lord

7 Try to fast from humans and Television as abundant as accessible - humans are sometimes carries of abrogating spirits

Whenever we fast, demons will manifest. Bad habits generally will apparent afore they leave. If you breach your fast do not anguish just abide to preserve. The aboriginal three canicule are the a lot of difficult if you are not a approved at this, this happens as the claret purges itself. If you accept any medical affidavit why you cannot fast, again amuse seek medical advice. A bake-apple fast may be appropriate in such circumstances.