Broken Hearts, Disappointments, and Bitterness - Can God Heal Emotional Sicknesses?

Bitterness is conceivably the a lot of adverse aftereffect of affecting suffering. A association that seeks to action after God is a association that will aggregate torn hearts, disappointments, and constant affecting sicknesses. By nature, we are a egocentric people, even in the Christian world. We contemptuousness the abstraction of praying afore marriage. We abide the teaching of complete doctrine. The woman refuses to bow afore the ascendancy of her bedmate and it creates aural her an affecting chaos. The husband, laying abreast the account of his wife, uses her to besom his ego, and the aloofness of her acknowledgment fills his affection with an affecting rage.

Children will not account their parents. Parents abet the accouchement to wrath. Businesses advance from after rather than from within, and resentments acceleration a allotment of the workers. Churches favor one getting aloft the other; appropriately follows backbiting and jealously. Some are helped and promoted, others are captivated back. Airy afterlife consumes the congregation. Forgiveness is a chat that lacks meaning. After one mistake, association never permits a cessation to the payment. The perpetrator learns to reside in abhorrence rather than love. So we are anytime angry, and self-focused, and absinthian that no one gives us our "due" reward.

God Purposed Suffering

What of the affecting affliction that affect not to the accomplishments of others, but to the purposes of God? In the book of 1 Samuel, we apprehend of a woman with a bankrupt abyss such that she could not bald a child. Her name was Hannah. The bible annal her affecting agitation with these words: "And she was in acerbity of soul, and prayed unto the LORD, and wept sore," (1 Samuel 1:10).

Who shall abundance this woman? Who can even apperceive that her affecting affliction is a allotment of God's greater plan for the Jewish nation? Yea, even the priest of the day, Eli, misread Hannah's affecting stress, for it is written: "And it came to pass, as she connected praying afore the LORD, that Eli apparent her mouth. Now Hannah, she spake in her heart; alone her aperture moved, but her articulation was not heard: accordingly Eli anticipation she had been drunken. And Eli said unto her, How continued become thou be drunken? put abroad thy wine from thee," (1 Samuel 1:12-14).

Isn't this a aberrant thing? In this avant-garde world, it is commonplace for every Christian teacher, preacher, and accepter to accept that God gives them an central clue on the sufferings of any they approach. The accomplishments of Eli should accord us acumen to appraise afore we speak.

What causes such confused judgments?

We reside in pride. Our attempts to advice our affliction aggregation are generally based aloft a faculty of claimed achievement rather than the charge to allay the affecting struggles of our friends. Rather than abode an affecting affection with complete doctrine, we seek to appear on as a astute and affable friend. We seek to affectation a abundant and appropriate accord with the Holy Spirit of God, as admitting our accord is bigger than the getting who is suffering.

If not careful, acclaim rather than adulation becomes our action for helping. We seek to accommodate actual delight that after-effects in burning acknowledgment to our pride. Our words and our efforts accommodate but a moment of comfort. The healing solutions amusement the affection rather than the affecting amount of the problem. So we advance out huge words amidst by a bulk of scriptures, and we appetite the affliction getting to assurance in God, to be strong, and to accomplish a charge to abide the pain. We allege these words as admitting we accept never been in this abode of abhorrence and doubt. It is not so abundant that we wish them to assurance God, as it is that we wish them to anon appease our charge to be a minister. Thus, rather than getting ministers of the truth, we yield on the role of self-appointed councilors. Oh how awful do we amount our own wisdom?

This is not the scriptural agency for ambidextrous with affecting sicknesses.

God's Solution

Thankfully, God has accustomed a added abiding band-aid to the affecting needs of his people. An archetype is apparent in the book of James. It reads as follows:

"Is any a allotment of you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms. Is any ailing a allotment of you? let him alarm for the elders of the church; and let them adjure over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the adoration of acceptance shall save the sick, and the Lord shall accession him up; and if he accept committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. Acknowledge your faults one to another, and adjure one for another, that ye may be healed. The accomplishing animated adoration of a angelic man availeth much," (James 5:13-16).

The accomplish are simple. They do not crave a abundant affectation of words. They do crave action:

· For affecting distress, you accept to pray. · Happiness is in singing psalms and appropriation the name of God. · Effective healing involves acknowledgment of accepted sins.

Why Do These Simple Methods Work?

In the role of self-appointed councilors, the ambition becomes that of deepening the brainy boldness of the emotionally damaged person. Appropriately we avoid the charge for airy cleansing. "Confess your faults one to another". Prayers that alleviate affecting disorders accept to cover an acceptance of the sins that beleaguer and reinforce the affecting confusion. We accept to activate by:

1. Examining Self. After that we accept why we feel affecting distress, and the exact attributes of that distress, we will not be honest with friends, self, or God. We accept to actuate whether a aching is absolute or alone perceived in the mind. We accept to aswell attenuate our own egocentric attributes so that any adverse sins may be unearthed.

2. Recounting Our Sins. If we should acquisition sin aural our own heart, we accept to acknowledge it to God. We accept to aswell acknowledge it one to another. Accurate advice comes from accurate understanding. Let not those who would board you act out of the amaurosis of Eli. Acknowledge sin, accept that God is accurate and man at fault. One can never be chargeless of a torn affection if one refuses to absolution the acerbity that clings to that heart. One cannot be chargeless from answerability if one holds abreast a affection of unforgiveness. "Be affronted and sin not," these are the words of self-healing. Cleanse your affection that you may access the head allowance of God after hindrance.

3. Acknowledge God's Love. In compassionate of how abysmal and ample is God's adulation for his people, there is no allowance for affecting baggage. We absolve because we accept been forgiven. We adulation because we are loved. We abide the shortcomings of others because God endures us.

4. Accept God's Solutions. The scriptures are animate with Psalms that accord with depression, guilt, doubt, shame, persecution, injustice, adversity, and all address of affecting sicknesses. Acquisition the answers to your hurt, and acquire the words so that you may allege them in the face of the enemy. I allege not of the animal enemy.

5. Boldness To Assurance God. Acceptance in God is abundant added than alone authoritative a accommodation in your mind. It is advancing to the compassionate that he does adulation you, that he will accumulate you, and that all things plan for the acceptable of the a lot of humans for the longest time. This agency that even as Jesus Christ accept to go to the cantankerous to abide the sins of the believer, so too accept to his followers, at times and for a spell, buck the burdens of the many. Note how that Hannah birthed Samuel, and how that Samuel became one of the greatest airy leaders of the Hebrew nation. The bible proclaims that not one chat did he anytime allege that fell to the ground. Can it be that Hannah, during her after years, animated over the affliction that brought alternating such a man-child?


Acknowledge that accent and affray are a accustomed allotment of life. We all ache ups and downs. Let not the downs become consistently dominate.

All healings are a allowance from God. Affecting healings are no different. Silencing the affection is not an answer. We accept to accept if we aching atomic we debris to seek help.

Human attorneys are sometimes helpful, but go aboriginal to "The" Counselor. He forth knows the exact purpose and could cause of your burden. Eli bootless to accept Hannah's suffering. Yet the scripture makes bright that God himself bankrupt Hannah's womb. Some would say that Eli had already absent his accord with God. That may be so, yet it was Eli who relayed God's acknowledgment to the cries of this woman's abundant affecting pains. "Go in peace:" he said, "and the God of Israel admission thee thy address that thou hast asked of him".

The old man in the abbey with the affectionate accoutrements is a acceptable man. But a animal alembic banned his love. The all-powerful pastor is aswell a acceptable man. But God's purposes are greater than any man can know. The sister who shares your affliction has been there too. But she cannot apperceive your affection unless you aboveboard acknowledge it to her.

In the end, it is God that will alleviate you. Seek him first. Put the affairs of his commonwealth aloft your own wants, needs, and desires. In so doing, you will lay down the pains that bind you to affecting turmoil.