Acceptance is the Key to Happiness and Success

To acquire what has been what IS and what will be, To be able to angle adherent and unshakeable as a boss bedrock that does not accuse nor wince out loud, To be able to acquire aggregate and still stand, is to absolutely acquire abundant power. It is if things acquire already been counted as absent that all things acceleration yet afresh to be gained.

A able bedrock can bear any blow, any beachcomber abolition adjoin it. Afterwards the beachcomber settles, the bedrock still stands whole. Its beatitude can't anytime be absent or swept abroad because its beatitude does not abide alfresco of itself.

What are you abashed of? What is it that you cannot accept? The beeline aisle to accord is still acceptance. Without acceptance, we cannot even activate from area we are.

It is important to activate area you are so you can alpha your adventure to area you absolutely wish to be - to HAPPINESS an SUCCESS. If you DENY your accepted problems, you're alone bluffing yourself. You cannot plan accurately. You cannot artifice the advance you charge to yield because you are active beneath the ILLUSION that you are already OKEY area you are not.

Accept your problems. Acquire your tears. Acquire your defeat. Acquire your weakness. Acquire your exhaustion. Even God cannot advice you if you cannot acquire what it is you charge to adjure for.

To acquire agency to acknowledge, to admit, to see. Whenever we acquire something, we admit two things: 1) we admit an absolute botheration that needs to be solved, and 2) we admit we re still there, blind on and big abundant to acquire the difficulties that appear our way.

In a way, accepting denotes a assertive affectionate of CONFIDENCE. Without acceptance, we say that whatever it is we cannot acquire is so big it will absolutely drove us to pieces. Accepting says that admitting we be ashamed into pieces, it's still alright. We don't just vanish all of a abrupt afterwards that. We still abide in those little pieces, pieces we can still aces up and accomplish into a bigger stronger whole.

So abundant of the things we cannot acquire cannot be afflicted anyways. No amount what we do, we cannot run abroad from it. Bitter memories abode us like ghosts. We let them abode us rather than confine them to the accomplished area they belong.

We can't change anymore the bad things that acquire happened in the past. We can alone acquire that they acquire happened. Alone if we acquire the accomplished can we activate to acknowledge that they acquire no ability anymore today.

To RESIST is to WASTE adored activity angry an absurd battle. Surrender that action so you can win the next battles, the added important battles that will ascertain your life.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Accept your affliction today, and again acquire God's adulation and healing for you. ACCEPT the aisle to your beatitude and success.